Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The following was saved as a draft from who knows how long ago. Enjoy

"So recently, and by recently I mean on last Saturday, I was just cruising around Facebook like hopefully none of you do (Secretly, we know we all do it) and i came across something that really interested me. It was a news/study thing that said "Research Shows Younger Siblings May Be The Funniest, and They Know It". It was one of those intriguing links that caught my eye... and it didn't say "They all started to laugh but when she started, you should see what happens next". It was probably cause it didn't have any of those random catch phrases on the title that I decided to open it.

Also, I'm the Youngest in my family and I think I'm pretty funny. I needed a "news source" to let me know I'm right. I opened this news article, which you can go to if you click here, and I started to read. I instantly start finding reason why this article is right like the fact that "younger siblings see themselves as the funnier, favored children while older siblings claim to be more successful and organized."

This is exactly what I thought. I then realized that this article was written in such a way that I would find it agreeable. It would be easy for anyone to read it and think of their current situation and find somethings they agree with and that is what I feel like is wrong about a lot of articles now a days. Many people want to read only with what they agree with.

Some people will take an idea or thought and try to find an article or research paper that agrees with what they are saying. They will overlook the 100 or so papers that disagree with what they are saying to find only one that agrees with their ideology. They will then proceed to discredit all the proof against them because they found something small that they agree with.

Now when it comes down to opinion and religion, this is a different story but that is my opinion and you are more than welcome to disagree with me. A friendly discussion about it is fine and who knows, it may get a little bit heated but that's ok but when you try to tear me down for what I believe, now that ticks me off.

And now here you are reading through this post thinking "I agree with that" or some version of that phrase. If you aren't, I applaud you. What I'm trying to get to really is that there are things that we will all probably agree with because they are basic human ideas. Like the fact that we should respect one another and try to help each other. I may not agree with you on many ideas but that doesn't mean I need to tear you down. I may vote differently than you on many issues and we will have differing ideas but if each of us go around trying to help each other instead of trying to destroy one another, our lives would be so much better.

Yes, all of this kind of just came out while I was reading that one little "study". Hopefully you enjoyed the spewing of words all over this post.

Signing Out
Matthew John Barry"

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